About Composting

By Francisco Icala

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What is composting?


Composting is a natural transformation process of organic waste (food scraps that we usually throw away).

This procedure speeds up decomposition of organic matter while sterilizing and stabilizing it to obtain compost—a natural fertilizer.

Natural fertilizer is used to add nutrients to the soil. In the agricultural field, it is used to restore degraded soil.



At least 30% of the trash produced in the household is organic waste; that is, compost material.


Only 4% of organic waste is turned into compost.

Some organic waste examples are:

Vegetable garden or yard plants

Fallen leaves from trees and bushes

Organic food waste in general

Spoiled or expired food, among other things

Remember to follow your garbage collector’s recommendations.

Consuming only what is needed is a way of protecting our natural resources and helping protect the environment.

Organic waste that is not classified for composting ends up in landfills and emits greenhouse gases, such as methane. Greenhouse gases trap the heat in the atmosphere and worsen global warming.


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