Our People

IFR provides community mental health and wellness services for the SF Latino community. We offer family support, early intervention, case management, youth services, & more.

Our People

Welcome to IFR's community. The organization's board and staff play essential roles in ensuring we provide a welcoming and safe space for people to access programs, services, and support. Regardless of our role in the organization, we are dedicated to supporting and improving people’s lives.

The staff of IFR includes approximately 100 bilingual/bicultural clinicians, case managers, outreach workers, interns, social workers, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health specialists and administrative staff. Many staff members come from the communities and schools IFR serves, and reflects the values, beliefs and practices of the diverse Latino community.


Santiago Ruiz President

Whitney Caruso Vice-President

Kenny Gutierrez Secretary

Tyrone Navarro Treasurer

Lupe Avila

Karla Castillo

Pat Gonzales-Rogers

Flavia Naves


Gloria Romero Executive Director

Felicita Bravo Janitor

Bruno Celis Program Assistant

Theresa Chan Sr. Accountant

Noris Chavarria Development Director

Carolina Hernandez Program Asst.

Lluvia Hernandez Executive Assistant

Antonio Lopez Facilities Assistant

Jose Lopez Contracts/Comp. Interim Director

Esperanza Macias Policy/Comm. Director

Marisol Medina Program Assistant

Benny Ng Finance Director

Tanya Perez Human Resources Manager

Diana Pica Program Assistant

Omar Pimentel Operations Director

Ivan Valenzuela Facilities Manager

Clery Villacrez Contracts Liaison

German Walteros Associate Director

Jeff Yuan Systems Administrator

La Clinica

Julio Gonzales Program Director

Christian Andalon Case Manager

Maria Blanco Program Manager

Ana Borges-Baird Mental Health Clinician

Cynthia Flores Mental Health Clinician

Valerie Guevara Mental Health Clinician

Margarita Herrera Mental Health Clinician

Iris Herrero Mental Health Clinician

Alisa Jacobo Mental Health Clinician

Lorena Plaza Mental Health Specialist

Jason Winton Mental Health Clinician

Indigena Health & Wellness

Carlos Izaguirre Raices Program Coord.

Concepcion Cruz-Mendes Promotora

Jose Luis Monarcha Promotor

Juanita Quintero Promotora

Arturo Vega Fernandez Case Manager

Si a la Vida

Claudia Cabrera Program Director

Carlos Acosta-Linares Health Educator

Vanessa Berry Mental Health Clinician

Esteban Cuaya-Munoz - PrEP Services Coordinator

Alejandra de la Vega Care Manager

Santiago Garzon-Velez Youth Advocate

Francisco Gonzalez, MD Psychiatrist

Renatto Guerrero Clin. Case Mgr.

Rene Hernandez PrEP Navigator

Yazmin Macias Health Educator

Ruben Martinez Program Liaison

Frank Ortiz Health Educator

Luis Perez Psy.D. Psychologist

Antonio Ramos LGBTQ Youth Serv. Coord.

Jeremias Rivera Program Manager

Adilia Torres Mental Health Clinician

Adrian Vargas Health Educator

La Cultura Cura

Luiz Guevara Program Director

Robin Alfaro Mental Health Clinician

Michelle Alvarez-Campo Clinical Supervisor

Silvia Avila Mental Health Clinician

Ana Del Rosario Murray Program Coordinator

Hope Flores Mental Health Clinician

Alejandro Garcia Ochoa MH Clinician

Roberto Gonzalez Case Manager

Eli Gualip Care Manager

Georgina Gutierrez Care Manager

Sophia Heekin Mental Health Specialist

Victor Martinez Care Manager

Angelica Mendez Case Manager

Crystal Mendoza Care Manager

Fernando Portillo Case Manager

Miguel Reza MH Clinician

Gerald Santamaria Care Manager

Kevin Rios Program Liaison/Office Mgr.

Karina Ugur-Gonzalez QA Manager

Early Intervention

Cassandra Coe Program Director

Sara Briseno Mental Health Clinician

Elia Dominguez Mental Health Clinician

Erica Gallegos Mental Health Clinician

Pamela Gonzalez Mental Health Clinician

Martina Grzmot Mental Health Clinician

Linda Mora Program Coordinator

Daniel Nieves Mental Health Clinician

Suzanna Osuna Mental Health Clinician

Jocelyn Panfilo Mental Health Clinician

Tia Phillips Mental Health Clinician

Rocsana Ribeiro Mental Health Clinician

Daniel Segundo Mental Health Clinician

Cindy Urquidez Mental Health Clinician

Anthony Vai Mental Health Clinician

Phillip Watson Mental Health Clinician

Casa Corazon

Brenda Quintero Program Director

Irma Alvarado Martinez Diff. Response Program Manager

Socorro Beltran- Peer Advocate

Twiggy Damy Family Advocate

Lorena de la Rosa Family Support Specialist

Lupe Iraheta Family Support Specialist

Marcela Maldonado Fam. Supp. Specialist

Misild Martinez Program Coordinator

Eli May Family Support Specialist

Jose Ortiz Family Support Specialist

Gustavo Poktzin Diff. Response Case Manager

Johanna Ruiz Family Support Specialist

Roadmap to Peace

Ricardo Garcia-Acosta Initiative Director

Angelica Flores Program Assistant

Angela Gallegos-Castillo, Ph.D. Community Builder

Antonio Murcia Service Coordinator

Elizabeth Reyes Data Coordinator

Latino COVID Collaborative

Omar Pimentel Program Director

Fabian Avila COVID Health Coordinator

Aolani Contreras Sanchez Contact Tracer

Mariela Rivera Case Manager

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