Ollin Giving Program

Ollin Giving Program Logo in Orange and Circle Shape

In indigenous Maya Azteca cultures, Ollín translates to "transformation" or "movement”. Instituto Familiar de la Raza chose the Ollin symbol as our logo because it represents how we seek to assist clients to move from their challenges and pain to empowerment and healing. It also symbolizes how culture is constantly evolving and how we must adapt to the emerging needs of our community. As the Ollín is constantly in motion, so is IFR as we blend contemporary, complementary, and traditional healing practices to remain centered on the individual's needs. When you make a commitment to become an Ollín supporter, you allow IFR to remain flexible and responsive. Your steady support allows us to provide mental health services – whether in response to a personal crisis, trauma, or unhealthy behaviors - when they are needed and in the manner that best accommodates the client. 

As an Ollín supporter, you don’t just become an investor in IFR. You join us as partners in building a healthy Latino community that embraces its full identity and maximizes its potential. 

This is the transformative potential of Ollín. Please join us.

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