02 Octubre, 2020

Voting in Person

Despite the availability for everyone to vote by mail, many are still choosing to vote in person. The news has made everyone feel nervous that their vote will be thrown out, lost in the mail, or put in an unknown, never-to-be-found-again pile. Apart from that, there is something rewarding about completing your ballot and knowing it will get counted on Election Day.

For San Franciscans, everyone has the option to vote in person beginning October 5th at their Voting Center, which will be set up outside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium at 99 Grove Street, between Polk and Larkin streets. Voting on Monday-Friday will be available from 8am-5pm. Additional weekend hours are available; and additional places will be later in the month. Check the website below for those days and times.

The real issue is how to make in-person voting as safe as possible. The Department of Elections created a great site to check out before leaving your home. You can find out what the wait time is at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium by checking the site at: https://sfelections.org/tools/map_poll_time/

In addition, here are Pa’delante’s suggestions for how to plan your in-person voting experience so that it’s as healthy and safe as possible.

  • Fill out your Sample Ballot and bring it with you to the polls; this will help minimize the amount of time you have to spend figuring out your position on each race and ballot measure. Again, the SF Department of Elections is on it! They’ve created a one-page Ballot Worksheet where you can your preferences for all races and state and locate initiatives. Download the Worksheet at https://sfelections.sfgov.org/sites/default/files/Documents/Voting/2020/N20_Ballot_Worksheet.pdf
  • Check the Voting Site Wait Time schedule.
  • Don’t forget to wear mask.
  • Bring bottled water; the weather has been extremely hot at times, and it’s important to stay hydrated.
  • Bring a folding stool or chair to sit if you expect you’ll have to wait in line for more than 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Remember to socially distance.
  • If you are voting for the first time and did not provide your driver’s license number when you registered, you may be asked to show a forum of ID when you go to the polls. An ID card, student ID, passport, recent utility bill, or the sample ballot booklet you received in the mail all qualify as acceptable forms of identification.
  • If you are a non-citizen voting in the School Board race, please be aware that information provided to the Dept. of Elections, including your name and address, may be obtained by ICE.

Vote because it’s about your representation!

Vote because it’s your right!

Vote because it’s about our families and communities!


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