03 June, 2024 7:25 AM

Toasting IFR’s May is Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Collage with all mental health awareness month campaing participants

Each week in May, IFR provided the community with stories and messages from community members from all walks of life on the importance of caring for our mental health needs. We heard from day laborers and promotoras, students and mothers, seniors and youth, queer and straight. 

With their stories, we hoped to convey the universality of mental health: it can affect us all. We also wanted to dispel the harmful stigma associated with mental health. In an era of disinformation, mental health stigma only brings harm to our loved ones. IFR staff have seen what this harm looks like and the toll it takes on the individual, family, and community. It is a key reason why we remain committed to this work.

We also shared some of the “many medicines” that can support one’s mental health. Some of our staff and clients have found the healing they needed through art, therapy, an emotional support animal, community involvement, or a support group. You could practically see the healing in their faces - finding the right mental health support for them helped improve and enrich their lives. 

While each of the stories throughout the campaign was unique, and even heartbreaking at times, the individuals spoke with one voice about the importance of getting mental health support when you need it. 

That was the simple message of our campaign. We hope it came through loud and clear, and can be passed along to those who might benefit from it. To close out the campaign, we offer a few final words is IFR’s Executive Director, Gloria Romero.

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So much of what IFR does is to help our clients find the right “medicine” to support their healing. We do this in many ways, through various programs, interventions, and activities. We do this in partnership with our community of supporters - those funders and donors who believe our work has value.

This May is Mental Health Awareness Month campaign was a pilot project. If you have found the May it useful or would like to see it continue in subsequent years, please make a contribution to IFR today using the link below. This campaign was not part of a grant or contract, but was done with the volunteerism of IFR staff and clients. Your contribution will help ensure we can continue providing public health campaigns in our community. 

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