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I remember all of my clients...

Renatto - Si a la Vida staff

RenattoGuerrero.jpgI remember all of my clients. One who stands out was originally from El Salvador. He had been homeless for almost 4 years and struggled with alcohol abuse issues. He started his humanitarian asylum case in 2015 with my predecessor, Vanessa Gutierrez and his pro-bono attorney Brooke Westling. After several years of dealing with homelessness and substance abuse, and with support from multiple providers, the client has been able to stay sober for over 2 years. He currently has a stable job in a cafeteria and has able to obtain housing through IFR's case management services in 2019.

Later in 2019, the client obtained a hearing in immigration court, a terrifying situation under the current political climate. I supported the client throughout this process, helping to collect the necessary documentation, translating during the meetings with the attorney, and accompanying him to the court hearings. We were thrilled when his humanitarian asylum was finally granted in August 2019. Today, the client's life is stable, and he continues to access IFR's mental health and case management services. We are now in the process of initiating his application for permanent residency.

This client stands out to me because his story, with all of his struggles and challenges, was one of the most successful in 2019 of which I was proud to play a part. 

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