31 Agosto, 2020

Lupe Avila - Board Member

IFR represents much of what I value...


Lupe Avila - IFR Board Member


I joined IFR’s Board because I believe in the act and value of “being of service” that was taught to me early on in my life. This value allows me to share some of my skills, abilities, and experience with my community, to give back in honor of those that “gave” to me along my journey in life” and helped me to understand, grow, develop and nurture that within me to achieve so much more than I thought was possible in.

IFR represents much of what I value in life: self-determination, social justice, language, culture, traditions, and a worldview that speaks to the many medicines of our Indigenous roots - all of which are focused on healing! I embrace community wholeheartedly and will give what I can while I can do so. I am proud of my community and cultura that is deeply rooted in this continent, Tierra Indigena.

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