09 Septiembre, 2020

Jorge Zepeda - IFR partner

Instituto is also my home, my land, and my sanctuary.

Jorge - IFR partner, San Francisco AIDS Foundation


As the Associate Director of Latino Programs for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, we have collaborated with Instituto Familiar de la Raza (IFR) to support the Latinx community in San Francisco for more than 10 years.Together, we participated in the Chicano/Latino Equity Group to inform the city on health disparities among Latinx communities. In 2015, we founded and organized the Latinx Wellness Pavilion at Carnaval, Folsom Street Fair and San Francisco Pride Celebration, bringing HIV, PrEP and other health resources and information to these celebratory events. SFAF also serves as the subcontractor for IFR for PrEP navigation services and HIV prevention with men who have sex with men. With mutual trust, commitment and dedication, our two agencies serve vulnerable Latinx communities across San Francisco from downtown to the Mission and Duboce Triangle with networks of support and care.

For me personally, I have known Instituto Familiar de la Raza since the early 1990's. Their mental health and HIV services have been very important contributions to achieve equity and health justice in San Francisco. I feel honored to collaborate with and support Instituto Familiar de La Raza. I feel that Instituto is also my home, my land, and my sanctuary.

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