Life at IFR

IFR provides community mental health and wellness services for the SF Latino community. We offer family support, early intervention, case management, youth services, & more.

Iris Herrero - IFR staff

I had been an intern here, and came back...

Iris - La Clinica staff

Iris Herrero photoBefore my recent time at IFR, I had been an intern here. I remember that experience very fondly because of the focus on community, social justice, Latino culture, and a client-centered approach to therapy. So, after I completed my doctorate in clinical psychology, I eagerly returned to Instituto. I feel I have come home to a setting where I can grow professionally and where people treat each other kindly.

Now, I work at La Clinica and truly enjoy the supportive team environment. I love seeing how my clients change and heal over the course of therapy, developing insight and awareness leading to adherence to therapy and progress resulting in long-lasting change.

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