12 Agosto, 2021

IFR Statement

As a healing organization, Instituto Familiar de la Raza (IFR) has a long tradition of practicing and holding safe space for individual and collective healing. For over 40 years, IFR has been guided by its “pilares” (Pillars), Tú Eres Mi Otro Yo, La Cultura Cura, and Sí Se Puede the philosophical pillars that serve as our “norte”. They form the basis for our statement today with regard to the recent allegation of sexual assault by a member of the Latinx community.

IFR stands without equivocation against violence and holds firmly that sexual assault and all forms of violence must never be condoned or tolerated. We must believe and support survivors of sexual violence in speaking their truth and equally imperative to hold individuals accountable to repair the harm they cause.

We understand, on a deep level, the tremendous pain and trauma experienced by so many and recognize our profound responsibility to one another. Our actions or inactions affect our well-being and that of our community. We support all of our sisters and brothers who have experienced sexual assault and we are committed to working towards restorative healing and transformative justice for all those impacted and harmed. We are compelled to actively cultivate the things we know prevent violence. 

La Cultura Cura reminds us that community, cultura and spirit are powerful sources of healing which we will draw upon in the days ahead. We seek to empower our young women who learn, by our words and actions, the value of their own gifts, wisdom, and strength. We seek to imbue young men with values that honor and respect women.

IFR asks our beloved community to stand together and move forward toward collective accountability and a place of true healing with respect, integrity and compassion.

In Lak'ech

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