09 Mayo, 2021

Feliz Dia de las Madres

One of the most revered days celebrated in the Latinx community and the country, Mother's Day offers us a time to honor the women who nurtured us throughout our lives. Whether you are fortunate to celebrate with your mother today or whether she has already left this world, whether you celebrate with your biological mother, an adopted mother, or a mother of your own choosing, you know the comfort that comes from a mother's embrace, words of encouragement, and countless sacrifices made on your behalf. This Mother's Day in particular, we honor the many Latina mothers from multiple Latin American countries who have made the ultimate sacrifice: to help their children cross the border to avoid violence and danger, and have better lives. These acts of courage and love are one of the many reasons why IFR and other Latinx-serving organizations and individuals have organized the Caravan for the Children. To honor their motherhood, we will continue to support their dreams for their children. To all mothers everywhere, we thank you for your many acts of love. We love and honor you today and always!

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