08 Abril, 2022

Celebrating Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson



IFR is extremely excited that Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed as a Justice on the US Supreme Court. We are so very happy for the Black community – and especially for Black women – on this historic and momentous occasion.

Judge Brown Jackson brings an impressive list of credentials and experience that more than prepares her for this role. She brings more education, judicial, and appellate experience than many of the Justices with whom she will serve. Given a criminal justice system that has historically overrepresented people of color, we are also happy that Judge Brown Jackson will also bring her experience as a public defender to our highest court.

Despite her extensive talent and experience, many of us saw the extreme disrespect, racist innuendo, and grandstanding she was forced to endure, Judge Brown Jackson demonstrated true leadership, integrity, and grace, putting her detractors to shame. On televisions across the country, we saw many of the indignities the Black community has had to endure for generations. But today was different.

In the end, Judge Brown Jackson soared above the vitriol to reach her goal. And while people of color are still a minority on the Supreme Court, Judge Brown Jackson reached a new milestone for the Black community and for all who support anti-racist policies. Today, we celebrate more than the rupture of a glass ceiling; we celebrate an opening in the skies. Today, we celebrate the fact that Black girls have another amazing role model. Today, we share Senator Cory Booker’s sentiment: “Today, I’m not going to let them take away my joy.”

Today, IFR is proud to share our joy with Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson and the Black community.

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