15 Septiembre, 2022

Celebrating Latino Heritage Month 2022!

Today marks the beginning of Latino Heritage Month, from September 15 to October 15. Our San Francisco Latinx community has much to celebrate, honor and take pride in. IFR continues a still new online tradition of honoring four Latinx unsung heroes - of which there are many - over the course of Latino Heritage Month as a reminder of the tremendous talent, commitment, and heart within our community. 

We are excited about the four individuals recognized this month. They have contributed to our community in very different ways, have big hearts and although they’d never admit it, are incredible leaders in their own rights. Starting September 26, their interviews will be shared one at a time throughout the remainder of September and the first half of October.

Latino Heritage Month is for celebration. It is about our cultural diversity, traditions, and people. It’s about recognizing where we come from and refining the vision for where we want to go. It is a time to remember those on whose shoulders we proudly stand and for developing new shoulder muscles on which future generations can stand. We can’t wait to show you the four sets of amazing shoulders of our honorees. Stay tuned!

Happy Latino Heritage Month!

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