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Our History

Casa Corazón began in 1991 as part of the Chicano/Latino Family Resource System collaborative, commonly referred to as FRS. Comprised of four agencies that provide linguistically and culturally appropriate services for Latino families, this collaborative remains intact today (soon to come at Chicano/Latino and Mission Family Resource System). Chicano/Latino FRS collaborative agencies include Instituto Familiar de la Raza, La Raza Community Resource Center, Mission Neighborhood Center, and CARECEN.

The Chicano/Latino FRS combines the efforts of the collaborating agencies to develop a continuum of prevention, early intervention, and intensive case management services for families. As a coordinated programming network, the Chicano/Latino FRS reinforces family preservation among high-risk families residing in the Mission District and among Chicano/Latino families throughout San Francisco. IFR has served as the lead agency for the collaborative, with each organization providing family-centered programming. Casa Corazón provides family programs within IFR and in concert with FRS.

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Our Vision

Casa Corazón believes that the well-being and safety of children is an individual and community responsibility. Casa Corazón works in partnership with parents to enhance their parenting skills and access to education, health and social services for their families.

Casa Corazón conducts age-appropriate children's activities and teaches parents to engage children and youth in a meaningful and respectful manner within family and community values and traditions.

Casa Corazón promotes cultural pride, community building and parent leadership, for parents to act as their own subjects of change in the transformation of their own reality, their community and the society where they have chosen to raise their children.

Our Services

Casa Corazón offers diverse services and activities aiming to families’ self-sufficiency and self-determination. Utilizing a model that enhances family resilience, cultural diversity, and community empowerment, Casa Corazón helps ensure that Chicano/Latino families receive the training, services, and support to remain safe and healthy.

Our services fall into six key areas:

  • Family Advocacy & Support: Families receive direct support accessing healthcare, schools, social services, and other systems.
  • Parent Education: Parents have access to group classes and one-on-one consultations on topics such as child and adolescent development, health and nutrition, and school success, as well as leadership development opportunities.
  • Family Activities: Families participate in family art workshops, field trips, community events, and holiday celebrations.
  • Support Groups: Parents find support among other parents facing similar challenges through guided conversation, art and wellness activities, and community building.
  • Play Groups: Parents and young children read, dance, sing, and create art together in our various parent/child interactive groups. We also offer quality supervised children's activities for parents attending classes and support groups. 
  • Community Partnerships & Collaborations: Casa Corazón participates with other community organizations and government agencies on collaborative projects to enhance and advocate for family services in San Francisco. 

For more information on Casa Corazón activities and services, please contact Mitzy Martinez, Casa Corazón Senior Family Support Specialist.

Parenting Classes

Cara y Corazón: Parenting classes for parents of teens seeking to improve communication and family relationships. These classes emphasize the importance of and appreciation of urban youth culture as a bridge for successful communication between immigrant parents and their US-born and raised teens.

El Camino de la Niñez I & II: These are two cycles of 8 sessions each, each one addressing important child development milestones of children 0 to 5 years old, and children, 6 to 11 years old, and aim to support parents dealing with challenging behaviors. Parents discuss the importance of culture, traditions, community building, and family communication in successful parenting.

ACT: Raising Our Children in a Safe Environment: This is a Safe Start program consisting of 9 sessions on the importance of raising children in a safe environment. We will cover how the media, social and community environment exposes children to violence, and the impact that it may have on children's behaviors.

Parent Support Groups

Las Comadres: This group uses expressive arts therapy techniques for mothers in a safe, nonthreatening way to express feelings about immigration, trauma, parenting, relationship issues, building self-esteem, and developing their connections with other mothers in the community.

Hijas de la Luna: This group utilizes dance, movement, and music for relaxation, expression, and light physical activity. Based on the premise that mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, dance/movement therapy furthers emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration, and offers mothers new techniques for reducing stress.

Círculo de Padres: This support group for fathers encourages expression, bonding, and conversation on diverse family issues. Drumming and other art techniques are utilized to create opportunities for self-reflection and exchange.

Kalpulli: A support group focusing on the nine dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, social, occupational, cultural, environmental and spiritual wellness.

Parent-Child Activities

Los Peques: Los Peques is a parent/child interactive group for parents and children under 5 years old, that allows parents and children to spend quality time together. Los Peques promotes healthy attachment and relationship-building within the family unit by offering a fun setting for parents to create positive interactions with their children. Group activities include story time, singing, dancing and art-making, fostering the child physical, emotional and social development.

Escuelita Casa Corazón: Escuelita Casa Corazón is an educational setting designed for children while their parents participate in Casa Corazón workshops. Children participate in activities that promote early literacy and motor skills development, such as singing, arts and crafts, dancing, and free play.

Family Night: Once a month, families gather to watch a movie or engage in other fun family activities. It offers families with young children an opportunity to watch a movie together, meet other families, and spend time together.

Super Heroes: Super Heroes is a parent/child interactive group for parents and children 6 and 7 years olds that focuses on parent/child communication and the development of positive social and emotional skills. Super Heroes helps the child and parent find their inner powers to create a healthier family and community.

Individual Family Support Services

Individual consultations and child development assessments: One-on-one parenting consultations and child development assessments

Information & Referral: I&R services are provided to families to connect and access available community resources.

Case Management and Family Advocacy: We support families with multiple challenges to access needed resources and acquire self-sufficiency. Advocacy efforts are made on behalf of families with schools, health providers, family and immigration courts, etc.


How Casa Corazón Helped the Community during the pandemic

Casa Corazón undertook to prepare lunches to go and grocery bags for over 100 families in need of support. 

Casa Corazón distributed financial support to over 400 families facing dire financial circumstances. 

Casa Corazón has provided ongoing case management support to families via telephone, email, and Zoom. 


Please connect with Los Peques via Facebook at Casa Corazón's Facebook page every Friday from 10 am-12 pm. Click here. 


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