Caravan for the Children

IFR has advocated against Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy that resulted in separating and detaining over 5,000 children from their parents at the border. However, we’ve seen that the Trump administration left behind a legacy of pain and trauma for immigrant families and children.

We are glad the Biden administration has articulated a more humane approach to addressing the needs of the immigrant children and families, we know how important it is to continue advocating for family reunification and immigration reform, particularly in the face of growing xenophobia.

For these reasons, in December 2000, IFR became one of five anchor organizations to launch Caravan for the Children/Caravana por los Niños, a six-month advocacy effort to Uncage, Reunify and Heal our migrant children. We are proud to participate in this important effort with CARECEN, Chicana/Latina Foundation, Galeria de la Raza, and Latinx Racial Equity Project.

During the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration, the Caravan is mounting a campaign to increase awareness, education and visibility about the horrific experiences facing our separated families and children. As a leader in community mental health and wellness in the Chicano/Latino/Indígena community, IFR knows better than most the severe trauma detained children face that will likely impact them well into the future. 

The Caravan created a calendar of events for the 100 days, which began January 6th. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Day 1: The Caravan launched the campaign with a drive from the Mission District to the Federal Building. Music, speakers, danzantes and chants filled the street! Check out the launch!
  • Day 30: We held a Virtual Plática on International Women’s Day to discuss the work taking place to Uncage, Reunify and Heal the children, including speakers from the Southern Poverty Law Center, CARECEN, and the ACLU.
  • Day 60: Lunada is Galeria de la Raza’s literary lounge. On March 28 at 6pm, the Lunada will host talent focused on poems, essays, prayers, and manifestations that discuss migration, the border and the hundreds of children still detained. Check out IFR’s social media pages for more information!
  • Day 90: The Caravan leaves for San Diego where we will partner with local organizations there to hold a vigil/rally to focus on the realities of the children and families at the border and to remind them that they’re not alone!
  • Day 100: The Caravan joins other organizations from across the country in Washington, DC for a Migrant Rights Rally on May 1st, where we will unveil a Quilt for the Children. Details to come!

Things are moving quickly! IFR will continue to post updates on Caravan events on our social media pages and on our Pa’delante blogspace.


Please join our advocacy effort! We know how shocked the world was to see children locked in cages. We know people support our effort to get justice for the children. However, the true test of this support is whether we can show it in numbers. That’s why we ask you to sign our petition to #UncageReunifyHeal the children. Adding your name tells the Biden Administration and Congress that we will not forget or abandon the children.

Once you’ve signed the petition, please add it to your social media pages and encourage your family and friends to sign it as well. Here is our toolkit to participate in building support in our communities.


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