Caravan for the Children

Today, over 600 migrant children are still detained in ICE detention centers and have not been reunited with their families. More than 5,400 children were gracefully detained and separated as a result of Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy of 2018. This disgrace constitutes torture and a human rights violation by Physicians for Human Rights!
The trauma resulting from the separation and imprisonment will require years of support for children and parents to heal from these atrocities. We have good reason to believe the Biden Administration will immediately reverse these actions. Nonetheless, we must call on the Biden administration to take action during their first 100 days to free the children and reunite them with their parents.
Tune in LIVE for our first action on January 21st #CaravanforChildren in SF on local FM station 100.1, or virtually by clicking on this link:
Together we can Uncage, ReUnify and Heal our migrant children!

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