16 Agosto, 2021

August 2021 Cositas

News from Casa Corazón & La Clinica: We're sending a sad despedida to Berta and Juanita as they go on to new adventures, and we extend big congratulations to Brenda Quintero as Casa Corazón's new Director and to Julio Gonzales as the new Director of La Clínica!

Si a la Vida event: On June 24th, Sí a la Vida provided a COVID-19-safe Pride Celebration Pachanga, with over 80 clients and IFR partners in attendance. It was a very Prideful event with tamales, aguas frescas, music, live performances and a swag bag with an IFR T-shirt and sweater.

IFR gets an Operations Director: IFR realized Omar Pimentel was so talented that we brought him on as IFR's first Operations Director. Congratulations Omar!

The Peques Group is back! Once again, Casa Corazón’s Peques group is holding their popular group at Precita Park. The program is currently at capacity and unable to take new participants. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know if there’s any openings.

Roadmap to Peace has BIG news to share! It’s there new mural, and it-is-amazing! We’ll write more about it soon, but for now, check this out, brought to you by the talents artists known as Lucía González Ippolito, Sonia ‘G’ Molina, and Yazmin ‘Shi Shi’ Madriz.  Check it out! 

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