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Our Vision

Children benefit from healthy adults to support them as they grow and develop. Their parents and family members, caregivers, teachers, and others play critical roles in helping children adapt to difficult challenges in their young lives. Sana Sana provides mental health consultation and supports to the adults impacting children's lives. As adult caregivers gain understanding and skills on how to support a child, the more likely it is that the child will feel loved and open to healing.

Our Services

Sana Sana (previously known as Early Intervention) has a long-standing history of working with schools, preschools, and childcare centers to improve the outcomes of children and families through capacity-building interventions that target care providers (staff, teachers, and parents) to understand the social-emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of children who present with confusing and complex behaviors.

Focused on promotion, early intervention, and building community resiliency, Sana Sana offers services that address the unique developmental, behavioral, and cultural needs of children and their families by enhancing supportive relationships and fostering positive learning environments.

Sana Sana currently provides mental health consultation preschool services to all ten of Mission Neighborhood Center's Head Start Programs, Theresa Mahler Child Development Center, Bryant EEC, Zaida Rodriguez Center, Cesar Chavez PreK, Sanchez EEC, Paul Revere PreK, Mission YMCA, and Holy Family Day Home. Services are also provided to several Latino family child care providers. For information regarding these services, please ask your provider if they partner with IFR.

Sana Sana also provides school-based mental health consultation services at SFUSD elementary and middle schools in the Mission and Outer Mission Districts. These services focus on reducing barriers to learning by enhancing the capacity of teachers, administrators, and parents to respond to the social-emotional and behavioral needs of the child and his/her family. We currently provide services at the following SFUSD schools: Cesar Chavez Elementary, Bryant Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary, Buena Vista Horace Man K-8 School, Everett Middle School, and James Lick Middle School.

SPARK logo
The SPARK (Supporting Play, Attunement, and Relationship with Kids) program is a full-service partnership (therapy, clinical case management, community engagement) designed to strengthen family connections for newborns to 5 years old and their families. The SPARK Program’s approach is based upon a cultural, psycho-social, trauma-informed, healing-centered, attachment, social justice, and mental health framework that affirms and builds upon the strengths of the child, their caregivers, and the community in which they identify.

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Sana Sana response to COVID-19

Sana Sana held several teacher wellness and parent support groups; consulted with ECE sites on how to support parents and children; developed a weekly Wellness Newsletter; and collaborated with Mission Promise Neighborhood to create an integrated support system for school sites and parent communities.

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For more information regarding these services, please contact Sana Sana Program Manager, Cassandra Coe, LCSW at (415) 229-0500 ext. 207.

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