Life at IFR

IFR provides community mental health and wellness services for the SF Latino community. We offer family support, early intervention, case management, youth services, & more.

Flavia Naves

My journey to IFR's board started...

Flavia Naves - IFR Board Member

Flavia Naves photoMy journey to IFR’s Board started when I realized that the Brazilian community was underrepresented in Bay Area agencies and I wanted to make our voice heard. I began the search for the right organization to join and, while many were looking for a Board member with Legal training, IFR was the only one that got my attention. Not only for Instituto's strong leadership and its successful track record, but mostly for the many programs it supports, particularly Si a la Vida.

Growing up in Brazil, I had friends and family members die of HIV due to social and economic discrimination, and I have always wanted to make a change so that others do not have to face similar hurdles. IFR continues to deliver a range of culturally-based services for Latinos at risk of infection, and those living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco, and I could not be more proud to be part of this amazing organization!

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