Caravan for the Children Campaign is a national six-month effort to demand the release, reunification and healing of migrant children still being held in ICE custody across the country as a result of the Zero Tolerance policy.

Organizers also seek to hold the Biden/Harris administration accountable to the promises outlined in the Biden Immigration Plan.

Our Goals

1. Raise awareness of the impact of Zero Tolerance and its traumatic effects on migrant children and their parents

2. Call on local officials to put pressure on the Federal Government to free the children

3. Send a message of support to the migrant children and their families

4. Activate national networks of immigration advocates and allies in support of the children

Our Demands

UNCAGE: Prioritize finding and releasing detained migrant children

REUNIFY children with their families

HEAL support for the families to heal from this trauma

Caravana Highlights

May 1

Immigrant protest in DC

Sign the pledge: Uncage - Re-Unify - Heal

Dear Community Ally,

We are writing to request your endorsement for the Caravan for the Children/Caravana por los Niños Campaign.

When we learned that federal officials were separating immigrant families and detaining children in cages, you probably felt as horrified as we did. For the past four years, our calls for justice, basic human rights, and fairness for immigrant families fell on deaf ears. The Biden/Harris administration has promised to institute very different immigration policies, and we must hold them and the legislature accountable. We ask that they Uncage, Reunify, and Heal the migrant children and their families...

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What else can you do to show support?

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The Coalition

This campaign is spearheaded by a coalition of well-established San Francisco/Bay Area artists, advocates and community-based organizations that are volunteering time, resources and talents to this effort. Anchor organizations are CARECEN SF, The Chicana Latina Foundation, Galería de la Raza, Instituto Familiar de la Raza and Latinx Racial Equity Project.

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