13 Junio, 2020

Black Lives Matter

IFR offers its sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and to those who have been harmed since their death for exercising their right to protest. Born from the struggle to serve our community with dignity and respect, IFR has never been silent about injustice, inequities, or our solidarity with all communities of color. As an organization deeply committed to healing and empowering individuals, families, and communities, we acknowledge the importance of naming racism, in all its manifestations, as the greatest acts of violence and threat to the lives of Black/ African Americans. We share in the heartbreak and righteous anger of our Black/ African American siblings who have sought justice for far too many and for far too long.

We share a legacy of nonviolent activism and protest for civil rights with the Black/ African American community. It is a powerful tool in our efforts to create social change. Whether in person or in spirit, many of us at IFR marched with the Black/ African American community to stand in solidarity against the actions that led to George Floyd’s death and the many that preceded him.

We encourage the legitimate expression of free speech and nonviolent protest; it is our right and responsibility to advocate for community justice. The courage to speak out, name and take actions to pursue justice is the responsibility of everyone from ” La Casa a la Calle,” from our homes to the street. Moreover, we cannot allow the divisive efforts of others to undercut our focus on George Floyd’s death and the Black/ African American community’s legitimate demand for justice.

To our Black/ African American siblings, we are with you. We will continue to honor the life of George Floyd with a renewed commitment to fight for justice and social change.

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