01 Septiembre, 2020

Who Will We Celebrate for Latino Heritage Month?

September 15th kicks off Hispanic (better known as Latino) Heritage Month. It provides a great opportunity for our broader community to recognize and celebrate countless individuals who have made contributions, big and small, to the world.

It is tempting to recognize the great ones that live among us – Justice Sonia Sotomayor, UFW activist and organizer Dolores Huerta, the timeless Carlos Santana, and others. They deserve the great acclaim they continue to receive, and we continue to honor them for their contributions.

However, we know there are many, many incredible Latinx members that fill our list of unsung heroes. They are the ones who, for whatever reason, didn’t make it into the history books, on the news, or who didn’t go viral. Nevertheless, their efforts should be recognized and honored.

They include people from history and people who are walk among us. For Latino Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), Pa’delante will share some of our heroes, sheroes, and theyroes. Every Friday, we will post new names and a description of their contributions.

Pa’delante could easily add names and stories of people today and from history who have inspired us. However, we want to hear from YOU!

Between now and September 15, share with us on social media or by email at [email protected] your favorite Latinx scientist, inventor, community organizer, teacher, firefighter, or artist. Tell why a particular writer, actor, nurse, elected official, or activist inspires you. Most important, tell us why they inspire you and should be recognized.

Help Pa’delante remind our community about its many valued members! Send us your submissions!


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